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Chief Executives of large corporations can call upon in-house specialised financial expertise but these skills are equally needed by small and medium sized businesses. Proper control of the financial performance of any business is critical to ongoing viability, development and growth. Managing Directors of SMEs often have to take on responsibility for the control of financial performance together with the multitude of other tasks they routinely handle ­ but realistically they cannot give full and proper attention to everything.

The simple solution is to use a part-time Freelance Financial Director who can share the responsibilities - both freeing time and giving peace of mind.

Engaged by you and working under your personal direction, your part-time FD can relieve you of the day-to-day responsibilities involved with "score keeping". The extent of the duties is down to you; anything from helping develop a strategic plan to trouble-shooting the accounts function. Your Freelance FD is equally happy rolling up sleeves to sort out book-keeping disasters, as handling negotiations with banks and financiers.

The range of duties could include:

OPUS : Finance Services : Key Offerings
Offering Description
Assess financial risks in the business
Control finances
Produce financial plans and budgets
Providing information to help you control and develop your business
Help identify products and customers earning most money
Help increase owner/shareholder value
Improve cash flow
Assist raising of additional finance
Specialised tools

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Taking over an established business calls for great care. Emotions run high with the "thrill of the chase" and normally prudent operators can easily get carried away. Financial due diligence maybe dull but can be economic dynamite! Discover More...

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