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Informed guidance, knowledgeable comment and creative thoughts are advantages taken for granted by the Boards of large corporations. A Freelance Financial Director from OPUS services is a commercially aware, qualified accountant with a wide ranging skill set finely honed in the cut and thrust of the high pressure world of big business.

Making the best possible use of every pound is crucial - another pair of eyes with the motivation to test, challenge and question can make a huge difference. Just having someone to talk problems over with can be the key. We understand the pressures you are under - who better to help than someone who has been there already?

A Financial Director from OPUS services will expect to be used as a resource in your operational activities. Areas to consider are:

OPUS : Operational Services : Key Offerings
Offering Description
Assessing Efficiency
Ensuring systems are robust and up-to-date
Providing information to help you control and develop your business
Managing the Finance Function
Training and developing staff

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